This weeks show is an all vinyl selection show from my personal record collection of 12 inch, 10 inch, and 7 inch records. You will hear classics from Dennis Brown, Cultural Roots, The Mighty Threes, The Twinkle Brothers, Keith Hudson, Horace Andy, Sharon Little, Gregory Isaacs, Bitty McLean & Josie Wales, Prince Alla, and Johnny Osbourne. You will also hear sound system classics from Steven Wright, Fabian, King General, Wayne Jarret, Chazbo, Ark Aingelle with Habesha, Carlton Livingston and more!


Artist Song Release Request New Label
Dennis Brown Promised Land/Cut No. 144,000 12"     Simba
Cultural Roots Jah No Partial/Dub Partial 12"     Germain Records
Dillinger Five Man Army / Send Another Moses (feat. Trinity, Wayne Wade, Al Campbell & Junior Tamlin) Five Man Army (feat. Trinity, Wayne Wade, Al Campbell & Junior Tamlin) - Single     King Spinna
The Mighty Threes Rasta Business Jah Fingers 12"     Jah Fingers
Keith Hudson Nuh Skin Up Greensleeves 12"     Greensleeves
Steven Wright Vision of Jah/Vision Of Dub Part 1 12"     Reggae On Top
Twinkle Brothers & Illie P Jahovia/Love Selassie I 12"     Twinkle Music
Johnny Osbourne Man of Jahoviah 12"     Thompson Sound
Sharon Little Don't Mash Up Creation/Don't Mash Up Creation Version 12"     One Love Records
Prince Alla City Without Pity 12"     Freedom Sounds
Tommy McCook & King Tubby Plague Of Horn/King Pharaoh Dub 10"     Pressure Sounds
Horace Andy Gun Shot/Gun Shot Dub 12"     Taxi
Fabian Prophecy 12"     Tribesman Records
Junior Delgado Cry Of The Destitute/Dubwise 12"     Incredible Music
Vivian Weathers Hangin On/Pull Up 38 Jah Fingers 12"     Jah Fingers
Gregory Isaacs Rock On/Murder Observer Style 12"     Observer
Carlton Livingston She Done With Him 12"     Legsman Records
Wayne Jarrett Bubble Up Showcase, Vol. 1     Wackies
Bitty McLean & Josie Wales Running Over/Nuh One A Dem 12"     Silent River/ Taxi
Akae Beka & Yukiko Kinshita Rasta Break Free/Karmic Cycle 12"     Ital Soup
Dubkasm Victory!/Victory Verse II 12"     Sufferer's Choice Recordings
Ark Aingelle & Habesha In Awe/Awe dub 12"     Habeshites
Chazboo Jah Lightning 10"     Reggae On Top
King General & Bush Chemists Joker Smokin/Pass It Over Dub 7"     Partial Records
Critical Hi-Fi feat El Fata It's All Right/version 7"     Chase Vampire


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