This weeks show starts out with music from Jacob Miller, Dennis Brown, Johnny Osbourne, Barrington Levy, Burning Spear, Oku Onuora, Well Pleases and Satisfied, Prince Alla, Enos McLoud, The Heptones, and Bim Sherman. New music this week comes from Max Romeo, Johnny Clarke, Lila Ike', Ras I, King Lorenzo, Steel Pulse, Mellow T, Courtney John, Teacha Dee, Tarrus Riley, Yaadcore, and Fyakin.This week we ride the Ballistic Affair Riddim, The Buff Baff Riddim as well as The Circle Riddim featuring artists like Carlton Livingston, Stoneman, Mark Wonder, Akeem Garrison, Mad General, and Ranco. Also this week we interview Donald Donovan King aka Brother Don who has authored a book entitled Stop! Before You Have Surgery Read This! 

In the Dub Zone this week you will hear dubs from 10 Ft. Ganja Plant, Peetah Sunday, Yukiko Kinoshita, King Jammy, Matumbi, and Dubblestandart with the Firehouse Crew. Extended dub mixes feature Nga Han & Kingston Echo, Slimmah Sound & Lyrical Benji, Ras Teo and Roberto Sanchez, Fikir Amlak, and Junior Roy with Ashanti Selah.


Jacob Miller & Inner Circle - Forward Jah Jah Children - Forward Jah Jah Children - Trojan Records

Dennis Brown - A True - Words Of Wisdom - VP Records

Johnny Osbourne - Never Stop Fighting - Junjo Presents: Wins The World Cup - Greensleeves

Barrington Levy - Jah Give Us Strength - Midnight Rock 12”

Burning Spear - Marcus Children Suffer - Chant Down Babylon: The Island Anthology - Island Records

Burning Spear - Children Of Today - Original Living Dub Vol. 1 - Burning Music

10 Ft. Ganja Plant - Angel Trumpet - 10 Deadly Shots Vol III - Reach Out International Records 

Max Romeo - Words From The Brave - Words From The Brave - Baco Records

Oku Onuora feat. Rico Rodriguez - Fuel For Fire - I’ve Seen - Fruits Records

Johnny Clarke & Disciples - One Man Life/One Man Dub - The Right Thing EP - 4 Weed 12”

Well Pleased and Satisfied - Black On Black - Give Thanks & Praise - Burning Sounds

Prince Alla - Bosrah (extended) - I Can Hear The Children Singing 1976-1978 - Blood & Fire

Enos Mcloud - Words Sounds and Power - Africa Iron Gate Showcase - Dub Store Records

The Heptones - Temptation Boderation, and Tribulation - Rock On: Greatest Hits From The Observer Label - Heartbeat Records

Bim Sherman & The Revolutionaries - Mighty Ruler/Jah Man Dub Style - Roots From The Yard 7”

Lila Ik’e - Where I’m Coming From - Indiggnation Collective

Ras I - Cease Fire - Haze St. Studio

King Lorenzo - Give Jah Glory - Life - Reality Sound

Steel Pulse - N.A.T.T.Y. - Mass Manipulation - Wiseman Doctrine

Carlton Livingston - Rasta Corner - Ballistic Affair (Hugo’s Delight) Riddim - Heartical

Stoneman - Champion Inna Di Sound - Ballistic Affair (Hugo’s Delight) Riddim - Heartical

Basque Dub Foundation & Sly Dunbar - Dub Ballistic - Ballistic Affair (Hugo’s Delight) Riddim - Heartical

Donald Donovan King Interview Author of Stop Before You Have Surgery: Read This! 

Israel Vibration - Strength Of My Life - Power Of The Trinity: Skelly Vibes - Ras Records

Israel Vibration - Why Worry - Power Of The Trinity: Skelly Vibes - Ras Records

Bunny Wailer - Soul Rebel - Retrospective - Solomonic

The Mighty Diamonds - Right Time - I Need A Roof - Hit Bound

Mellow T - Rasta Banner - Black 90 Records

Dub Zone featuring Strictly Dubwize & Extended Dub Mixes

10 Ft. Ganja Plant - In The Garden - Skycatcher - Reach Out International Records 

Peetah Sunday & Yukiko Kinoshita - Fullness Dub/Karmic Cycle  - I-Tal Soup 12”

King Jammy - Captivity Dub - Waterhouse Dub - VP Records

Matumbi - Dub Planet - The British Roots Rockas - Dennis Bovell Music

Dubblestandart & Firehouse Crew - Malcom X Dub - Reggae Classics - Echo Beach

Nga Han & Kingston Echo - Way Out/Dub Out - Kingston Echo 

Slimmah Sound feat. Lyrical Benji - Live Your Life/Dub Soldier - Firm In Jah - Roots Tribe

Ras Teo Meets Lone Ark - Mansa Musa/Mansa Musa Dub - Ten Thousand Lions - A Lone Productions

Fikir Amlak - Walk With Jah/Walk With Jah Dub - Akashic Records

Junior Roy & Ashanti Selah - Roots & Culture/Roots & Culture Dub - Urban Observations - Ashanti Selah Music


Keith & Tex - Global Politics - Fruits Records

Courtney John - Far Away - 7 Long Lane Entertainment

Teacha Dee - My Song - Carry Us Beyond Riddim - Giddimani Records

Tarrus Riley feat. Zareb with Suga Roy and Conrad Crystal - Say A Prayer For Me - Gr876 Records

Mark Wonder - Crisis - Buff Baff Riddim - Oneness Records

Akeem Garrison - Rasta Party - Buff Baff Riddim - Oneness Records

Umberto Echo - Buff Baff Dub - Buff Baff Riddim - Oneness Records

Yaadcore - Ready Now - Delicious Vinyl Island

Ruffi - Pressure - Small Boxx Records

Fyakin - Lyrical Don - King Ivier Music

Shaggy - Ketch Mi Up - Wah Gwaan?! - Brooklyn Knights

Mad General - Good Sound - Circle Riddim - Kross & Buss

Ranco - High - Circle Riddim - Kross & Buss

Ranking Joe & Tristan Palma - Bring The Sensi Come - Dub Club: Foundation Comes Again - Stones Throw Records

Tippa Lee - Cultural Ambassador - Cultural Ambassador Deluxe - Stones Throw Records

Sub Alpine feat. El Fata - Rub A Dub Soldiers - Nice Up Records

UK Principal & Peetah Sunday - Mistry Babylon/Mistry Dub - I-Tal Soup 12”

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