This weeks show starts off with music from Home T, Cocoa Tea, Shabba Ranks, Damian Marley, Ini Kamoze, Tenor Saw, Devon Clarke, Everton Blender, Mungo's Hifi, Johnny Osbourne, Cornell Campbell, Tony Tuff, Earl Zero and Steel Pulse. New music this week comes from Richie Spice, Luciano, Macka B, Iba Mahr, AJ Brown, Yvad, Tenna Star, Zyanigh featuring Sizzla, Joe Pilgrim and the Ligerians, King Kong, Royal Sounds, Delly Ranks, Candyman,  and Sly and Robbie with Dubmatix. Also this week we ride the Civil Rights Riddim, The Shank I Shenk Riddim, as well as The Jamrock City Riddim featuring artists like King Mas, Young Shanty, Bunny Lye Lye, Junior Cat, Bucky Jo, Jah Mason, Pressure Busspipe, and Sizzla.

In the Dub Zone this week you will hear dubs from Pirate Dub featuring U Brown, Scientist, Jah Warrior, Foshan Roots, Christos DC, and Rico Rodriguez. Extended dub mixes come from Johnny Clarke and the Cave Crew, Devon Clarke, Courtney Melody, Vivian Jones and Russ Disciple, and also Prince David with Ark Aingelle with Habesha.


Home T, Cocoa Tea, & Shabba Ranks - Pirates Anthem - From Dubplate To Download: The Best Of Greensleeves Records - Greensleeves

Curtis Lynch - Pirates Riddim Dub Version - Pirates Riddim - Necessary Mayhem

Damian Marley - Here We Go - Stony Hill - Universal Music Group

Ini Kamoze - Hill & Gully Ride (Xtm Nation Remix) - Ini Kamoze Meets Xterminator: Tramplin’ Down Babylon - 9 Sound Clik

Tenor Saw - Lots Of Sign - Fever - Ras Records

Devon Clarke - Beat The Banker/Beat The Banker Remix Instrumental - Call Me Bobo Saw - Bent Backs Records

Everton Blender - Man Is Unjust - Lift Up Your Head - Heartbeat Records

Mungo’s Hifi feat. Cheshire Cat - Roll with No Vampire - Dumbarton Rock 7”

Mungo’s Hifi feat. Shanti D & Ranking Levy -  Total Disaster  - Dumbarton Rock 7”

Johnny Osbourne - Never Stop Fighting - Reggae Legends: Johnny Osbourne - Greensleeves

Cornell Campbell - Jah Me No Born Yah - A Place Called Jamaica Part 2: Bunny Striker Lee’s Productions From 60’s & 70’s  - Makasound

Tony Tuff - Jah Almighty - Tony Tuff - Island Records

Earl Zero - Never Get Weary/Weary Dub - Jammy’s 7”

Steel Pulse - Drug Squad - Sound System: The Island Anthology - Island Records

Steel Pulse - Ku Klux Klan - Sound System: The Island Anthology - Island Records

Richie Spice - Revelation - Episodes Riddim - Yellow Moon Records

Luciano - Talk Bout - Island Treasure

Macka B - Give Thanks - Nice & Easy Riddim - Oneness Records

Iba Mahr - Family Not Friend - Nice & Easy Riddim - Oneness Records

Umberto Echo feat. Iba Mahr - Family Not Friend - Nice & Easy Riddim - Oneness Records

AJ Brown - Jah Will Always Be There - Island Treasure

Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal feat. Dennis Brown - Jah Can Do It - Suga Roy, Conrad Crystal and the Great Reggae Icons - Fireball Records

Yvad - No Chalice - Riverton - NuBeat Entertainment

King Mas - Holy Land - Civil Rights Riddim - Giddimani Records

Young Shanty - Moving Far East - Civil Rights Riddim - Giddimani Records

Marina P - Something Roots (Homeys Remix) /Something Dub (Homeys Dub)- Something New - Homeys Records

Beres Hammond & Jigsy King - Love Is Getting Stronger - 29 West

Shanty B - Good Time - 29 West

Tenna Star - Musical Journey - Stingray Showcase Vol. 12 - Stingray Records

Bunny Lye Lye & Jr. Cat - Time So Hard - Shank I Shenk Riddim -  Buzzwakk Records

Bucky Jo - Set Up The Sound - Shank I Shenk Riddim -  Buzzwakk Records

Dub Zone featuring Strictly Dubwize & Extended Dub Mixes

Pirate Dub feat. U Brown - Strictly Rub A Dub - Up Tone Down Town - Nocturne

Scientist - Jah Wrote Me (A Letter From Zion) - Dub From The Ghetto - Ras Records

Jah Warrior - Alternative Facts - World Of Confusion Dub - Jah Warrior

Foshan Roots - Snake Attack Dub - Sky Warrior Dub - Dubophonic

Christos DC feat. Tippy I & The Skanking Monks - Human Dignity Dub - Tessara Dub - Honest Music

Rico Rodriguez - Africa Dub - Wareika Dub - Island Records

Johnny Clarke - Jah Bless The Man - Jet Star Presents Reality Calling Vol. 1 - Jet Star

Cave Crew - Repatriation - Dub Inna De Cave Vol. 1 - Charm

Devon Clarke - Jah Is In Everything/Mr. Bad Boy (instrumental version) - Call Me Bobo Saw - Bent Backs Records

Courtney Melody - Stop Inform/Stop Inform Version - Black Liberation - Basic Replay

Prince David - InI Shepherd - Habeshites 12”

Ark Aingelle - In Awe - Habeshites 12”

Habesha - Awe Dub - Habeshites 12”

Vivian Jones & Russ Disciple - Miss Crapeup Antekway - Ethiopian King Vocal - Imperial House Music

Vivian Jones & Russ Disciple - Tekway Dub - Ethiopian King Dub - Imperial House Music


Tenna Star - Mirror Of Life - Visionary - Phareal Records

Zyanigh feat. Sizzla Kalonji - Brain Power - Unartificial  - Jazhyah Music Group 

Joe Pilgrim & The Ligerians - Migrants - SoulNurse Records

King Kong - Gwaan - Repatrtiation - Irie Ites Records

Jah Mason - Jah Children - Jamrock City Riddim - Le-Gions Music Production

Pressure - Roun Yah - Jamrock City Riddim - Le-Gions Music Production

Sizzla - Time To Wake Up - Jamrock City Riddim - Le-Gions Music Production

Royal Sounds - Love - Burning Inspiration - Sugar Shack Records

Junior Natural w/ Sly & Robbie - Festival - Militant - Taxi

Delly Ranks - Weed Market - Weed Market - Pure Music Productions

Candyman - Burn Di Chalice - The Bang Riddim - Infini-T Music

Sly & Robbie Meets Dubmatix feat. Treson - Frenchman Code - Overdubbed - Echo Beach

Mista Savona feat. France Nooks & Prince Alla - Dubwise - Mister Savona Presents: Havana Meets Kingston - Baco Records

Mr. Willimaz & Green Lion Crew feat. Addis Pablo - The General Comes To Town/The Showdown - The General Comes To Town - Green Lion Crew

Mr. Spaulding - Unseen Eye (12” Mix) - Twelve Tribes Of Israel - Hot Milk


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