Please enjoy this in depth interview of one of Reggae's long time veterans and prolific singer and songwriter Mr. Clinton Fearon. Clinton casually discusses his early beginnings from his first guitar to making concrete to his time at Studio One and takes us through the years leading up to his brand new release History Say. Mr. Fearon shares his very personal thoughts behind the music on History Say as well providing life stories and lessons that we can all relate with to help keep the positive vibes burning bright.


Musical selections include:

The Gladiators - Dreadlocks The Time Is Now 

The Gladiators - My Thoughts (studio one)

The Gladiators - Pocket Money (studio one)

Clinton Fearon - Working For The Man

The Gladiators - Rearrange (studio one)

The Gladiators - Jah Almighty (studio one)

Clinton Fearon - Jazz Time

Clinton Fearon w/ Alpha Blondy - Together Again - History Say 

Clinton Fearon - History Say  - History Say

Clinton Fearon - French Connection - History Say

Clinton Fearon - Calypso Monkey - History Say

Clinton Fearon - Crazy Ride - History Say

Clinton Fearon - Why Worry - History Say

Clinton Fearon w/ The Emeterians  - I Will - History Say


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